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Before The Consultation

Before the consultation, and depending on the problem, you should observe and write down various aspects relating to your dog’s behaviour.  These details will form part of our discussions at our initial meeting, and will go a long way towards helping us identify the cause of, and the motivation behind, the unwanted behaviour.

Details could include:-

  • Is there any specific 'trigger' for the behaviour (ie, any specific event, situation, person, time of the day, etc)
  • What is the dog like on a day-to-day basis when it is not displaying the behaviour
  • What does the dog do immediately before the behaviour
  • What does the dog do during the behaviour
  • What does the dog do immediately after the behaviour
  • How do you react to the behaviour

Video footage of the behaviour, especially separation related issues, can be useful when analysing what is causing and rewarding a behaviour, especially as the behaviour will not always occur at the time of the consultation.

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During The Consultation

During the consultation and based on the information you give me, I will recommend training exercises for you to undertake with your dog on a regular basis, in order to change your dog’s unwanted behaviour.  These exercises will be tailored specifically for you and your dog.  I will show you what to do, and then you will have a go yourself

It is important to note that your dedication, time and commitment is essential while modifying your dog’s behaviour, and can significantly reflect a successful outcome.  You must be prepared to put in the effort to get the result you want.

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After The Consultation

Depending on the specific problem, you may require a follow up appointment to ensure the methods we discussed to resolve the problem are working.  Dogs are individuals and what works for one dog might not work for another.

Some problems will resolve quite quickly, but others might take a lot of time and effort on your part, and could take a while for any real improvement to be seen.  You must be prepared to accept that some problems may never be completely resolved, and only improved.

I am always available if you require reassurance, or for further help if required.